Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Silence: The New "No".

Like anyone conducting a job search, I've gotten quite acclimated to hearing the word, "no". No jobs at the present time. No, thank you, we're not interested. Sorry, but no. It's a natural part of job prospecting.

But since when did silence come to substitute "no"?

It seems that in today's workplace there just isn't time for common, professional courtesy anymore. This in spite of the fact that we're bluetoothed to the gills with phones, faxes, multiple email accounts...plenty of opportunities for constant communication.

I know, I know...I'm griping. But it amazes me that potential employers will take the time to talk, interview, meet and follow up with you...up until that time they've made a decision. And, if that decision does not include you, there is seemingly no need for further discussion.

I guess I was taught to have better manners than that.


Mark said...

The publishing industry has used this model for decades. I'm sorry to hear it's getting wider use.

Mat Garretson said...

Now there's another idea for a post...publishers. Why is it than anyone remotely involved with a printing press turns out to be a real asshole?