Saturday, April 12, 2008

Vintage Ads Redux.

Mark Rayner has a blog site called The Skwib. It's a site which I check out occasionally when I need a good laugh. Recently Mark offered up a contest in which he invited readers to find vintage ads and create fictional products of the future. Not being one to miss on a chance to Photoshop my way to hilarity, I've taken up the gauntlet, and am working on my own entry.

It's a shame Mark's contest doesn't allow for a contestant to simply take a vintage ad and 'doctor it up' with new verbiage. Because, if it did, I'd be all over that:

Watch this space for my final entry!

The Skwib and other funny blogs can always be accessed by clicking onto


Mark said...

Those are hilarious. (Especially the first one.)

Looking forward to the entries! m.

mrviognier said...

High praise indeed, sir. Keep up the good work!