Sunday, March 2, 2008


Most Sunday Mornings find my wife and I enjoying a Garretson family tradition. We wake up, fix each other a cup of coffee, and watch CBS Sunday Morning. It's one of the rare times in the Garretson household when the boys are quiet, and the TV isn't tuned to a kid's show. And there are those Sundays when Jack and Thom decide to still in (or remain preoccupied with their toys) that we can top off our unfettered enjoyment of Sunday Morning by following it up with - dare I say? - Face the Nation!

I wife and I lead a wild life, huh?

This morning allowed us to enjoy the CBS double-header of both morning shows. It was while watching Face the Nation that I happened to take notice of what might be a newly-emerging trend. Host Bob Schieffer had as a guest New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. What's old Bill been up to since he dropped out of the race on January 10th? Growing a beard, it would seem.

I'm happy that he's found such a worthwhile, time-consuming hobby...a hobby which seems to have become all the rage amongst Democratic has-been presidential contenders.

This recent Democratic trend began nearly seven years ago when former Senator/Vice President/presidential candidate and inconvenient truth-teller, Al Gore came out of hiding after the 2000 election.

I think Al carries the "Brawny Man" look off a helluva lot better than Richardson does. At the time he had adopted his facial hair, Gore was also a visiting professor at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism...a role which literally begs for a beard. And a corduroy blazer with elbow patches. That and the fact that Gore hails from "Good 'Ol Rocky Top", a.k.a. the State of Tennessee. It's practically de rigeur to sport whiskers in those parts.

Perhaps the growing of a beard for these two are a means for them to express their laid back, devil-may-care attitude towards their very public defeats? Or is it that these ex-pres candidates are taking the figurative use of the word 'beard' to a literal conclusion? A beard can also mean "one who serves to divert suspicion or attention from another". Perhaps they're trying to divert attention from the ass-whoopin' they took at the polls?

This trend amongst Democratic also-rans could of course lead to a very disturbing development:

I dunno, though. On second thought, it looks pretty good on her.

And while you're waiting on your whiskers, check out

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